Pronounced “Bruce”, this brewery/bar features 24 taps of their own beer as well as To Øl and collaboration brews. 8 cocktails featuring Brus beers are also featured.

Guldbergsgade 29F, 2200 København N, Denmark

A shop is on site with a large number of refrigerated and room temperature bottles and cans which you can purchase to go or drink on site. The selection of To Øl is extensive. A 14 seat bar and tables inside and out serve their bar and connected restaurant.

This is the one location owned by To Øl (while Mikeller and Friends and others are joint ownerships). While they do many collaborations there’s been a decision to let the Brus team brew their own creations. Taps 1 – 16 are typically Brus and 17 to 24 are To Øl (which tend to sell out quickly) and other guest taps.


  • Monday: 3PM–12AM
  • Tuesday: 3PM–12AM
  • Wednesday: 3PM–12AM
  • Thursday: 3PM–12AM
  • Friday: 12PM–3AM
  • Saturday: 12PM–3AM
  • Sunday: 12PM–12AM

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