Our first series “Sour Spots” is now available on the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)!

Sour Spots

The Sour Spots series includes cards of various rarity covering these stand-out craft beer spots that feature some of the world’s best sour beer: Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, Wild Mind, Newgrass, Sour Barn, Rare Barrel, Bhramari, Une Annee, Ballast Point and Hi-Wire.

  • (2a) 3 Fonteinen (common)

Favorite Spots

Our Favorite Spots collection is one that will grow over time as we add more and more breweries. Unlike our Sour Spots series, this series provides only a very limited minting of 3. This means that only three NFTs exist for each brewery featured here; that makes them quite rare and likely to trade at a higher value. Check back as we add more in the months ahead. Have a specific brewery featured at Craft Beer Spots that you’d like to see added? Reach out and let us know!

What Are NFTs?

NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) represent unique, digital content which (using the same technology as a cryptocurrency) are easily traded in an open market where the value of such items fluctuates based on demand. While you may have heard of NFTs selling for millions of dollars, those are the outliers that make headlines. More frequently, NFTs are bought and sold for small amounts either by collectors or by investors hoping demand (and value) of their NFTs increase.

While there are many market places and networks that trade in NFTs, Craft Beer Spots has chosen the Wax network as its home due to its simplicity and popularity. Some significant recognizable brands have already established a presence here including Topps, Robotech, Street Fighter and more with more coming all the time (Funko will be launching there soon).

Anyone can create NFTs, so you’ll find some are whitelisted and fewer still are verified. Craft Beer Spots is proud to have been whitelisted– this means our NFTs have been reviewed and deemed worthy of higher visibility as unique, legal, content. You’ll see that we are not verified at this time– that benefit makes a collection even higher visibility and is based on trading volume. We hope you’ll buy and sell our NFTs to help us get closer too such status. In the meantime, you’ll see a warning that our NFTs are whitelisted but not verified and that you should confirm the projects with some simple research to ensure it is legitimate. If you are reading this, you have done just that! The name of our collection is CraftBeerSpo (the character count is limited).