Charlotte, NC Breweries

Charlotte area breweries to be more precise. If it’s driving distance (or even questionable driving distance but too good to leave out) you’ll find it here at Craft Beer Spots! Are we missing one? Please let us know!

Even more to come to the Charlotte area!

  • 33 Brewing Company  icon_link-external
  • 4Chambers Brewing icon_link-external
  • Avenge Brewing Co.  icon_link-external
  • Cavendish Brewing Company  icon_link-external
  • Commoners Brewing Company  icon_link-external
  • Divine Barrel Brewing  icon_link-external
  • Dukbone Brewing icon_link-external
  • Eleven Lakes Brewing  icon_link-external
  • Fat Head’s Brewery icon_link-external
  • Hatchet Head Brewing Company icon_link-external
  • Hyde Brewing  icon_link-external
  • Petty Thieves Brewing Co. icon_link-external
  • Resident Culture Brewing  icon_link-external
  • Rivermen Brewing Company icon_link-external
  • Third Dimension Brewing icon_link-external

Others that needed to be included despite being beyond standard driving distance…

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craft beer spots 24x24 = A Craft Beer Spots favorite spot