Beer drop is a monthly subscription service for craft beer delivery based in Denver, CO. It is also possible to purchase specific items from their online store in addition to your subscription. As of November, I’ve had three monthly deliveries and have been very happy with the selections I’m being sent.

You choose styles and a plan that instructs how much you’ll get and how much you’ll pay:

  • The Beer Drop plan is 10 cans from 5 microbreweries for $39.99 per month and is made of of $4 beers
  • The Beer Drop Plus plan gets you an increased selection of special releases for $49.99 per month and is made up of $5 beers. This is the plan I’ve chosen.
  • The Beer Drop Ultimate plan adds more special release beers and is made up of $6.50 beers.

With the second two levels you can make change out beers. It works like this: There is a date set where you can review what beers are recommended, you then have one day to make changes, and within a couple more days the package ships. For most items there is a limit of 2 so your 10 beers are typically made up of 5 unique beers with a quantity of 2 each being delivered.

A long list of breweries are provided and growing, but beer availability for listed breweries changes regularly so you will find breweries with no beer currently shipping. Once I requested something that was sold out and customer support was very helpful in trying to help me identify a good alternative.

There is a rewards program to save money based on a number of documented milestones. Use this link to give credit for your membership to Craft Beer Spots!

Shipping to North Carolina and many other states, their FAQ claims that coverage changes all the time. For inquiries, write to get more information. The cost of shipping for me has been just $5 flat rate for nationwide shipping which is incredible compared to others.

Signatures are required upon delivery due to it containing alcohol and they have indeed required a signature with each delivery. Only once did I miss the delivery and they redelivered it again the next day. It is my understanding they will try three times and emails clearly communicate shipping status and expected delivery.

The packaging is decent. A heavy box with cardboard sections secure the cans along with some paper packing materials. I’ve had a can dented once or twice, but generally everything has been good. Only once so far did I find a can had been damaged to the extent it was no good and they immediately credited my account for the beer when I told them about it.

Customer Service hours are Monday – Friday from 9am-6pm MST.

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