City Beer Store

About 30 taps, a couple casks a 15 seat bar, several tables and connected, but separately operated craft beer shop in the back.

The Rare Barrel

A large space with a relatively small 7 seat bar, but lots of tables serves a dozen Rare Barrel taps including a couple of wines and an additional 16 guest taps.

Hops & Grapes

16 taps (one is wine), 14 refrigerated shelves. As well as two large dry beer shelves upon entering. There is a wide selection and packs can be broken.

Bad Craft

This shop of knick-knacks and crafts, cleverly adds craft beer to their repertoire. A handful of taps for consumption on site and a selection fo cans to go.

State of Origin 2019

This was a 6th annual event held on June 8 2019. Tickets were $65 each, but were $55 when tickets first went on sale.  The price is well justified when you consider what’s being poured are among the most expensive bottles you’ll find in your favorite bottle shop and some amazing breweries were on hand…

Black Mountain Ale House

14 seats bar. 19 taps; 6 of their own and several guest brews and ciders.  Smooth jazz on the pa. Small stage. Outdoor seating. Full menu. We went on a Sunday which was limited to their brunch menu. Art on the walls for sale. Seven televisions