This bar features 36 beers as well as some frozen drinks and cocktails on tap.

217 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130

There is a large liquor selection. There is a 16 seat bar and 7 small tables downstairs as well as a back patio. Upstairs also has a deck (where glasses are not allowed). A small kitchen menu is provided— wings, fries, boudin balls, and salads. 

Live music is featured with multiple performances daily. A couple of televisions downstairs, more upstairs. There are 8 more taps (Mostly macro) and a liquor bar upstairs. 


  • Monday 11AM–4AM
  • Tuesday 11AM–3AM
  • Wednesday 11AM–3AM
  • Thursday 11AM–3AM
  • Friday 11AM–3AM
  • Saturday 11AM–4AM
  • Sunday 11AM–4AM

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