Craft Beer Cellar from Hickory, NC leverages the service of Bevv for online order fulfillment. I received my order the very next day– so fast in fact, that some of the cans were still cold. They were all individually wrapped in plastic bublewrap so no worries of condensation. In fact, packing was 5 stars– a heavy box marked fragile, bubble wrap on all sides as well as taped tightly around every can (and I ordered many).

We’ve been to this brick and mortar shop in Hickory, NC and it is an impressive one (but not nearby so I’m happy for this option).

In this online shop, there were largely local area breweries but an above average selection of even those and there was also plenty to choose from from outside North Carolina.

They also appear to offer one of the largest selections on which is mostly individual breweries and only a handful of bottle shops that typically offer considerably less than you’d expect to find in their physical locations.

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