More than a convenience store but not quite a grocery store they have ice cream, bread, cheese and other perishable items but most relevant here, a significant focus on beer.

Sønder Blvd. 53, 1720 København V, Denmark

There are three refrigerated coolers on the left upon entering with an impressive selection. Toward the back there is a significant selection of wine and another cooler or two of craft beer. Downstairs there is a beer cellar which really makes this a significant craft beer spot. It has over 15 dry shelves a few coolers and stacks of cases abound. What a selection!  I couldn’t make sense of how it was organized but prices were good for the area and it would be easy to walk around for a half hour, drooling. 


  • Monday 7AM–1AM
  • Tuesday 7AM–1AM
  • Wednesday 7AM–1AM
  • Thursday 7AM–1AM
  • Friday 7AM–2AM
  • Saturday 7AM–2AM
  • Sunday 7AM–1AM

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