Dog Rose Brewing Company

With a 13 seat bar and 8 taps available, this small brewery offers about 8 seats and one television. 

Dog Rose Brewing

Selection 6.4
Atmosphere 6.8
Staff 6.5
Activities 6.6

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Cigar City Brewing

A 10 bar seat up front focuses on their standard beers for growler fills and pints. Flights and larger menu of beers are available in the back bar which offers a 12 seat bar and several tables where you’ll find 24 taps including two on nitro, plus two wine casks.

Cigar City

Selection 9.1
Atmosphere 9.2
Activities 8.4
Staff 8.3

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Fat Point Brewing

Featuring 16 taps of their own brew, there is a 16 seat wrap-around bar and flights of 4 are available for for $10.70.

Fat Point

Selection 7.4
Atmosphere 7.2
Activities 7.0
Staff 4.3

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