Mac’s Speed Shop (South End)

Lots of taps– 28 taps inside and another 24 taps outside. . 22 seat bar inside and a 14 stools outside. 7 picnic tables. Countless tables inside. Televisions throughout for watching sports.

Oliver’s Ale House

About 15 minutes from the Toronto airport, 5 taps including on of their own feature a large bottle/can menu of over 150.

Hyde Brewing

Suffolk Punch is the home of Hyde Brewing featuring 48 taps; nearly half are guest taps.

Blowing Rock Inn & Brewery

12 taps including a couple guest taps are provided in this restaurant/hotel venue with a 5 seat bar, but wide stools as well as plenty of tables throughout.

Delirium Cafe USA

A restaurant with a full menu, this official venue features 28 taps and a huge bottle menu.  

Scotty’s Brewhouse

10 taps at the outside bar and another 20 for the inside bar with tons of outdoor and indoor seating at Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda, FL.