Queen City Bites and Crafts

This fairly small establishment offers 20 taps featuring mostly craft beer as well as mix and match brews to go.


Selection 6.8
Atmosphere 6.2
Activities 6.0
Staff 5.8

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Carolina Beer Temple (Charlotte)

30 taps are featured at this bottle shop. Several tables and a 16 seat wrap around bar offer plenty of space to enjoy their selection featuring mostly north and South Carolina breweries as well as Belgium breweries.

Carolina Beer Temple (Charlotte)

Selection 6.5
Activities 4.5
Atmosphere 5.5
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Kits Trackside Crafts

Six refrigerated and about eight dry shelves organized by brewery. 20 taps featuring primarily NC craft brews. 2 wine taps and a cask also available.

Trackside Crafts

Selection 8.3
Atmosphere 8.2
Activities 7.9
Staff 8.5

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Common Market (South End)

Featuring 15 taps and dozen seats at the bar, there is ample indoor and outdoor seating options (a second level inside, adds even more). There is a decent bottle and can selection, mostly refrigerated.

Common Market South End

Selection 7.6
Atmosphere 7.8
Activities 6.1
Staff 7.1

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Casual Pint (Rivergate)

In the Rivergate plaza south of Charlotte, this bar/bottle shop features 35 taps, merchandise, growlers and more opened in 2017.

Casual Pint

Selection 8.6
Atmosphere 7.9
Activities 7.6
Staff 7.2

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Good Bottle Co.

This craft beer bottle shop features 12 taps featuring mostly local areas breweries. A good selection of bottles and cans are available for sale to go.

Good Bottle Co

Selection 8.2
Atmosphere 8.4
Activities 7.9
Staff 8.2

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