A bottle shop in downtown Brussles with an exclusive focus on Belgium and Trappist brews.

56, Grasmarkt Straat, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

Incredible selection of bottles. No cans. Organized by style and alphabetical within each style. Well organized and clearly priced. Lots of beer paraphernalia.

There is a huge selection of glassware. Signs and posters. Shirts. Steins. Many boxed selections of Belgium beer with glasses; from the manufactures and their own.  All Belgium beer items. Large selection of Trappist brews. Reasonable prices. 


  • Monday 10AM–7PM
  • Tuesday 10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday 10AM–7PM
  • Thursday 10AM–7PM
  • Friday 10AM–7PM
  • Saturday 10AM–7PM
  • Sunday 10AM–7PM

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