BrewDog (Brussels)

Two sets of 20 taps and a twelve seat bar, this BrewDog is located across the street from Russel Central Station and a short walk from delirium and local craft beer stores.

Putterie 20, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

As a popular craft bar in a notorious area, there are high expectations. In addition to the 12+ seat bar there are lots of open standing area as well as booths and multiple rooms of tables. 

They sprayed water on the glasses after pouring my flight which I thought was a nice extra effort. The staff is very friendly. The couple next to me decided they wanted a flight too but knew nothing and the bartender took a lot of time to help them despite being moderately busy. 

A game room and additional upstairs seating was available. The beers they had to go were predominantly their own.  At 11:30pm it was fairly busy but not bad at all. A local told me that from 6-10pm it is regularly busy. 

Untappd menu is up to date.  Kitchen serves burgers and wings and appetizers. Shakes and cocktails also served. 


  • Monday 11AM–12AM
  • Tuesday 11AM–12AM
  • Wednesday 11AM–12AM
  • Thursday 11AM–12AM
  • Friday 11AM–1AM
  • Saturday 12PM–1AM
  • Sunday 12PM–12AM

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De Beirtempel

A bottle shop in downtown Brussles with an exclusive focus on Belgium and Trappist brews.

56, Grasmarkt Straat, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

Incredible selection of bottles. No cans. Organized by style and alphabetical within each style. Well organized and clearly priced. Lots of beer paraphernalia.

There is a huge selection of glassware. Signs and posters. Shirts. Steins. Many boxed selections of Belgium beer with glasses; from the manufactures and their own.  All Belgium beer items. Large selection of Trappist brews. Reasonable prices. 


  • Monday 10AM–7PM
  • Tuesday 10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday 10AM–7PM
  • Thursday 10AM–7PM
  • Friday 10AM–7PM
  • Saturday 10AM–7PM
  • Sunday 10AM–7PM

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