Locally, Fiskerestaurant Hooked Kødbyen, is a small seafood restaurant which features 6 taps of To Ol.

Halmtorvet 34, 1700 København V, Denmark

Located just around the corner from Warpigs in the meat packing district of Copenhagen. Features limited indoor and outdoor seating, they appear to do a lot of take out business. I was drawn by the To Ol awning and pretty happy to find. There are a couple other locations but I didn’t make it to them to confirm they are all featuring To Ol beer.


  • Monday: 12:00-22:00
  • Tuesday: 12:00-22:00
  • Wednesday: 12:00-22:00
  • Thursday: 12:00-22:00
  • Friday: 12:00-22:00
  • Saturday: 12:00-22:00
  • Sunday: 12:00-22:00

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