This taco place is branded as a Mikkeller venue, and it offers 10 Mikkeller taps and a small bottle selection.

Nørrebrogade 29, 2200 København N, Denmark

Another Mikkeller venue, they have quite a presence around Copenhagen!

It is a bit small, but normal for the city and offers a 4 seat bar but several indoor tables to enjoy your taco or quesadilla. A cocktail menu is also available if you are crazy enough not to want a Mikkeller.


  • Monday: 12.00–22.00
  • Tuesday: 12.00–22.00
  • Wednesday: 12.00–22.00
  • Thursday: 12.00–22.00
  • Friday: 12.00–00.00
  • Saturday: 12.00–00.00
  • Sunday: 12.00–22.00

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