I counted 20 taps, but the menu shows 24 which consist of 12 beers and 12 cocktails.   Liquor available. The bar can seat maybe 10 and there are another 6 small tables and a few more stools by the entrance making this a small place even for Copenhagen.

Vendersgade 22, 1363 København K, Denmark

The owners of To Ol, Brus, and Mikkeller are all shareholders in the place but are not considered owners or controlling authorities. Mikropolis is a cocktail brand for these brewers.

While the location is listed on Untappd but don’t bother with a menu because they say it changes so frequently. They only have a keg of anything so most don’t  last a week. While they mix drinks upon request, the cocktails on the menu are on tap are kegged just like at Brus

NFT Collectables

Mikropolis is one of the stand-out craft beer spots we have decided to immortalize with a collectible NFT. There are only three sets of images minted (find them here), so it is more likely to trade at a higher price due to its scarcity as compared to our larger sets. To learn more about NFTs, and those from Craft Beer Spots, in particular, click here.

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