Kits Trackside Crafts

Six refrigerated and about eight dry shelves organized by brewery. 20 taps featuring primarily NC craft brews. 2 wine taps and a cask also available.

Common Market (South End)

Featuring 15 taps and dozen seats at the bar, there is ample indoor and outdoor seating options (a second level inside, adds even more). There is a decent bottle and can selection, mostly refrigerated.

Garage Beer Co

12 taps and a cask serving their own beers. Some say best in Spain. Several canned beers available. 8 seat bar but a fair number of tables make this an average size place for the area.

BierCab Castellano

30 global taps as well as a limited selection of bottles and cans next door to an impressive bottle shop of the same name featuring worldwide brews including some rare and expensive selections.

Prime Tavern

Located just inside security at Terminal D at New York’s La Guargia (LGA) airport, this restaurant features 38 taps and 15 bottles with an iPad driven menu and ordering system.

Maximus Brewery

22 taps and a 10 seat bar as well as 8 tables and large communal tables inside and tons of seating outside.