Granite City Brewery (Schaumburg)

The Schaumburg, IL location of Granite City features 20 taps made up of their own beer brewed on site plus a handful of guest taps.

Une Année Brewery

Looks can be deceiving. This assuming brewery in a crappy strip mall is a diamond in the rough. 24 taps featuring sour and wild ales (but also stouts and fresh IPAs). 2 tables inside, 2 outside but a very large bar with 26 chairs.

Harp and Fiddle

24 craft brews on tap plus a large bottle/can menu. A large restaurant with multiple rooms of indoor seating as well as a large outdoor patio.

Hofbräuhaus Chicago

A lively place with a handful of its beers on tap (brewed on site). Bavarian nonsense on stage with a band playing a lot of Neil Diamond and blowing their Alphorn for cheers.

Bigby’s Pouhouse

This small craft beer bar and restaurant features 20 taps plus bottles and cans (available to go at a discount). There is a 10 seat bar and several tables.

Beer on the Wall

Bottle shop with 12 taps. An 8 seat bar and scattered tables and chairs. 6 chilled cabinets and a large selection of both local and international beers to go.