Get a bracelet, pick a glass of your choosing and pour your own from 50 beer and 12 wine taps. Lots of seating (stools, chairs, couches) is available inside and out.


Selection 7.3
Atmosphere 7.6
Activities 7.1
Staff 6.8

Unknown Brewing

Featuring a dozen taps and live music, Unknown Brewing has ample seating inside and out. A handful of video games and a nice view of the production facility are also provided.

Bulldog Beer & Wine (Southend)

Bulldog Beer & Wine is a half bar, half store set up with a nice selection on both sides. 24 taps and cabinets of refrigerated and room temperature bottles and cans to go.

Bulldog Beer Southend

Selection 7.3
Atmosphere 7.5
Activities 7.2
Staff 6.6

Wooden Robot Brewery

Wooden Robot is a Craft Beer Spots favorite with 12 available taps. There is indoor and outdoor seating but not a lot of it.

Wooden Robot

Selection 7.1
Atmosphere 7.3
Activities 7.0
Staff 6.7