A close walk from Copenhagen Central Station, this Mikkeller bar features 20 taps with more than half dedicated to other local craft breweries.

Viktoriagade 8, 1655 København V, Denmark
A fairly small place the bar has only a few stools and a dozen or so small tables throughout. Snacks are available in the form of nuts, sausages and jerky.
A bottle list is available upon request. 10 pages of beer bottles featuring predominantly Mikkeller brews, the list is organized by style.
They sell shirts, hats, and glassware but do not have a display case so you must ask.


  • Monday: 1PM–1AM
  • Tuesday: 1PM–1AM
  • Wednesday: 1PM–1AM
  • Thursday: 1PM–2AM
  • Friday: 1PM–2AM
  • Saturday: 12PM–2AM
  • Sunday: 1PM–1AM

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