The Chamber features a rooftop bar, but has a significant space downstairs surrounded by barrels aging and 25 taps (another 8 or 9 upstairs).

416 E 36th St STE 100, Charlotte, NC 28205

Upon my visit, of the 25 taps, many are not on their menu. There are bar stools at a very large bar— lots of room to stand and to order. I counted at least 10 high top tables and 5 sofas. 11 chairs at a very large bar with lots of room to stand and to order. I counted 10 high top tables and 5 sofas. A refrigerated cooler of sour bottles for sale as well as a selection of merch including hats, shirts and glassware. 

The projection televisions downstairs were playing old Kung Fu. Flights of five 5oz pours. Billy Jack’s Shack delivers exclusively till 9 PM every day. A great bar food menu. 

The upstairs beer garden has lots of seating and covered picnic tables. The rooftop bar serves a subset of the beers downstairs with eight taps. 

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