This is really an Asheville area brewery and is a good couple hours drive from most parts of Charlotte. However, it falls into the category of worth the trip so here it is.

8 Merchants Alley, Weaverville, NC 28787

You’ll find Zebulon bottles in most craft bottle shops around Charlotte, which is impressive when you visit this place and see just how small it is. A small bar and limited seating, this place produces some great beer which they bottle on site. Several taps are available (some of the beers on the menu are actually poured from bottles). Odd is the serving size: many places offer a 2oz pour as an alternative to a fixed numbered flight, but the other size they offer is a mere 6oz. They are well priced and delicious but it definitely makes you feel you are in a tasting room versus any kind of typical bar.

I would say Zebulon is best known for its sour/wheat beers but definitely offer a variety. Snacks are available for sale and you can purchase bottles, t-shirts and glasses.

Worth mentioning, is the fact that their beers are often not named but are simple descriptions of the style. There are exceptions of course but this is typical of Zebulon. The bottles are very similar in design with a different color or texture for the beam shining out of the “Z” in the design. Early batches were numbered but this practice was abandoned early on.

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