Located just around the corner from the Delirium Cafe, this well stocked bottle shop focuses mostly on Belgium beers.

Rue de la Fourche 45, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Glass selection throughout.  The shop is well organized by style with a strong focus on Belgium beers.  For their Westvleteren seletion, they told me that the Blond is the rarest at only 2 cases per year, whereas the others stock regularly (gold then blue).

Prices were reasonable and they provide shipping services via DHL. 
Shop owner was very nice and helpful making you feel like a friend. 
Despite the Google hours listed below, I observed very limited hours— weekends and Wednesday’s only until 9pm. 


  • Monday 11:30AM–6:30PM
  • Tuesday 11:30AM–6:30PM
  • Wednesday 11:30AM–6:30PM
  • Thursday 11:30AM–6:30PM
  • Friday 11:30AM–6:30PM
  • Saturday 10:30AM–8:30PM
  • Sunday 10:30AM–6:30PM

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