Aka brewers house. Aka mansion de brew…

Grand Place 10, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

While I had read a terrible review that it was not a real museum but a way to sell crappy beer, I opted to give it a go. Located in the historic center of the city among the statues and ornate buildings in the square. It is very small, but at only 5 euro for a booklet, a 8oz beer and self guided tour it is more than fair. There is a sitting area with a handful of tables and a small back bar where you purchase your ticket and afterwards, get your included pour from their two taps.

The museum area is one large room with chairs in the center, surrounded by labeled, modern brewing equipment. The main theater screen the chairs face plays a repeating video about Belgium beer; history and brewing process. There are other screens on the perimeter of the room including one with dialog available in 3 languages on the malting process. If you set your expectations appropriately, it’s a good stop for beer fans. 

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