Bottle shop out front leads to two bars in the back which total 42 taps with lots of seating.

960 W 31st St, Chicago, IL 60608

Not to far from Marz Community Brewing Co (and owned by the same family) this small bottle shop has a nice curated collection of local and notable bottles and cans to go. Through the door in the back is a bar with 10 seats as well as tables. Through the side of the bar, another newer expansion space can be found with its own larger bar, more tables and outdoor seating known as Kimski (which offers food as well). The first (older bar, offers taps 25 to 42) and the newer, side bar offers taps 1 to 24.


  • Monday: 11AM–2AM
  • Tuesday: 11AM–2AM
  • Wednesday: 11AM–2AM
  • Thursday: 11AM–2AM
  • Friday: 11AM–2AM
  • Saturday: 11AM–3AM
  • Sunday: 11AM–2AM

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