Very large venue with 16 taps, there are too many tables to count, inside and out. Lots of windows bring in a lot of light and view of the city skyline. It features a huge wrap around bar with 30+ chairs which provides hooks and Both USB and traditional power outlets all around.

2215 Thrift Rd Unit A, Charlotte, NC 28208

Behind the main bar is a large windowed view of large brewing operations. Flights are not available but tastes are, and you can buy 5oz pours.

An event room for corporate or personal gatherings. Across the street is Lucky Dog and it is a very short drive from Pinky’s. There’s a full menu for food and appetizers.

What’s up with the name? According to Urban Dictionary, A midnight mulligan is “the person you meet at last call that you end up regrettably taking home after striking out with everyone else in the bar.”

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