While the door simply says Beer Pop Up, it is listed online as The Beer House, there is no online presence. However, it is a nice little shop with a smaller, curated collection of Belgium beers.

Rue du Midi 28, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

It is smaller than than some others nearby but similar in concept with well priced bottles and some boxed selections. More larger bottles than average. There was also a tap but they were not pouring when I visited early in the day. It is unclear if that is operational (please comment below if you can confirm either way!).

A quick video of the shop:


  • Monday, 10:30AM–7:30PM
  • Tuesday, 10:30AM–7:30PM
  • Wednesday, 10:30AM–7:30PM
  • Thursday, 10:30AM–7:30PM
  • Friday, 10:30AM–7:30PM
  • Saturday, 10:30AM–7:30PM
  • Sunday, 10:30AM–7:30PM

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