16 taps and a good supply of single bottles and cans in ten refrigerated shelves and five large dry shelves. You’ll also find two frozen shelves of ice cream and four more large shelves of wines and another four refrigerated coolers of wine. Connected through an open entry is a small record store of a similar name.  

2902 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC 28205

Inventory and draft list on Untappd. I asked about a couple of bottles listed on Untappd and they admitted they don’t maintain it well. Like many shops that keep their inventory in Untappd, they are not at all vigilant about removing items no longer available so look to the date the item was listed to judge how likely it may be to exist today. 


  • Monday 10AM–12AM
  • Tuesday 10AM–12AM
  • Wednesday 10AM–12AM
  • Thursday 10AM–12AM
  • Friday 10AM–12AM
  • Saturday 10AM–12AM
  • Sunday 10AM–12AM

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