Only a couple of taps, but pouring bottles, this large tasting room and brewery is about a half hour cab ride outside the downtown Brussles area and is a destination brewery for fans of Belgium beer.

Molenstraat 47, 1651 Lot, Belgium

Glassware, shirts, hoodies, jams and mustards were available for sale.

A pretty big place, there are eight large tables and a long bar seating along the window looking out. Games and a windowed view of brewing operations are provided. Outdoor seating is covered by a large tent.

Shipping services provided, but you don’t get a shipping price until the the shipper weighs your order and calculates the cost to the destination. No estimates are provided. So while it is great to have the service available, it is risky to leave a large purchase behind and wait to hear them name the shipping price later (after all, you either pay whatever they say or abandon your paid purchase).

My story in getting to this brewery…

It was a 25 minute taxi ride makes this an effort to see with so many great beer spots downtown. It maps out as a 40 minute bike ride but with so many turns to make the trip I opted for an Uber which costed 35 euro. 
Upon arrival, I saw there is also a restaurant around the corner; both are Untappd verified venues so I figured I was in for a treat. 

I was very disappointed to find that the brewery is not where the actual tasting room is anymore and that such had moved. Right around the corner their restaurant was also closed not to open until 6 PM.

A 35 minute walk in the rain would not have been so good so had to wait on a second Uber to get to the tasting room and shop. 

Two beers on cask but we’re out. So the place was mostly pouring from bottles. The bottle list was large but many were large and therefore expensive at 25 euro per 750ml (meant for sharing). Their prices were actually low compared to anywhere else you’d see their bottles.

Justifiably highly rated, I had the kreik and the geuze and they were both notch.  Bought two krieks and a shirt to take home. 

NFT Collectables

3 Fonteinen is included in the Craft Beer Spots series, “Sour Spots” and is available in multiple rarities– common (500)uncommon (250)rare (25), and ultra-rare (5). To learn more about NFTs, and those from Craft Beer Spots in particular, click here.


  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 10AM–5PM
  • Thursday 10AM–5PM
  • Friday 10AM–7PM
  • Saturday 10AM–7PM
  • Sunday Closed

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