Reservations are required and can be booked online at 9.50 per person. Located at Rue du Lombard 1, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium, the brewery is located about a half hour walk from the city center. However there are plenty of scooters and bicycles for rent if you are so inclined.

The tour served about 18 people and was delivered in English but other languages were also being delivered in separate tours such as in French.

They naturally took us through the brewing process and explained that most all of equipment is well over 100 years old and the recipe on which their beers are based is 6000 years old.

The tour focused on the production of not just regular beers but they’re specialty Lambic and Geuze brews.  The tour took an hour and ended with two tasters. One was their base lambic and for the there was a choice of the kriek, framboise, or gueze. 

There was a lot of merchandise available shirts, coasters, posters, glasses, and of course several bottles to go. Volume discounts were available. I picked up a three pack for €15 that included a kriek, a framboise, and a gueze. 

NFT Collectables

Cantillon is included in the Craft Beer Spots series, “Sour Spots” and is available in multiple rarities– common (500)uncommon (250)rare (25), and ultra-rare (5).To learn more about NFTs, and those from Craft Beer Spots, in particular, click here.

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  1. I have been on this Cantillon brewery tour, and it’s probably one of the best brewery tours you can go on. I learned a lot of details about Cantillon while I was on this tour, and that was great for me.

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