Craft and Draft

A very good, mostly local, selection of bottles and cans to go as well as a 12 tap craft beer bar. 2706 Devine St, Columbia, SC There are eight refrigerated shelves and roughly what would amount to 5 dry shelves. All items available as singles. There is a second location not yet covered here located…

Dust Off Brewing (Closed)

A fairly new brewery in Rock Hill, you'll find lots of space and 12 taps, including two guest taps and the others brewed on site. As our first visit to Dust Off is during COVID-19, this is a placeholder entry and we look forward to a more complete write-up in the future.

The Craft Stand

There are 30 taps on their Untappd menu in this shop/bar which also features 4 large dry shelves and 5 refrigerated stacked with craft brews; about half of them local. There is a 14 seat bar and several tables providing plenty of seating.