Waxhaw Tap House

A large venue with tons of seating both inside and out poring craft beer from 24 taps. 110 McDonald St, Waxhaw, NC 28173WaxhawTapHouse.com Inside you'll find no less than a dozen picnic tables, patio tables. Two long covered tables in the back.There are a few tables out front, but lots of attention made to the…

Dust Off Brewing

A fairly new brewery in Rock Hill, you'll find lots of space and 12 taps, including two guest taps and the others brewed on site. As our first visit to Dust Off is during COVID-19, this is a placeholder entry and we look forward to a more complete write-up in the future.

Lore Brewing Co.

This new brewery opened up just before the COVID-19 lock-downs began but like other locations around Charlotte is slowly getting closer to what should become normal. Normally we document number of bar stools and tables, etc. but such is not quite applicable yet so we'll consider this a placeholder listing and will hold off on a proper write up.