State of Origin 2019

his was a 6th annual event held on June 8 2019. Tickets were $65 each, but were $55 when tickets first went on sale. The price is well justified when you consider what's being poured are among the most expensive bottles you'll find in your favorite bottle shop and some amazing breweries were on hand to pour including Jester King, Trve, Carolina Bauernhaus, Fonta Flora, Burial, Salud and dozens more (over 30 in total).

Untappd Beer Festival 2019

The first annual event reportedly drew upwards of 12,000 participants but thanks to the venue size, the football stadium was able to accommodate them all well. Unfortunately, it did mean for much longer lines than you would typically see at a beer festival.

Moo & Brew Festival 5

This is an annual craft beer and craft burger event put on by the restaurant of the same name. For this 5th annual event in 2019, there were reportedly 75 brewers serving over 200 beers in total, but they represented the breweries you are accustomed to seeing if you attend beer festivals in this area; lots of standard brews that you are very familiar with and very few that you would not have seen many many times before.

Top 5 Charlotte Neighborhoods for Craft Beer

The greater Charlotte area is loaded with great Craft Beer Spots, but certain areas are dense with great venues that lend themselves to a nice day of Craft Beer Spot Hopping. With a focus on breweries and bottle shops, there are a couple of Charlotte neighborhoods that really stand out!

Where to Find the Best Sour Beer in Charlotte

I love sour beers (especially hoppy sours) but they take some extra effort to produce and not everyone is fond of them-- the result is that you can't find them everywhere. The best breweries for sour beers in the Charlotte area.